Wings puts its ears to the ground in five cities with very different sounds and unique musical cultures, to bring you a cut-out-and-keep guide to where to go to hear great music in London, New York, Lagos, Johannesburg and Accra. Words Rocky Casale, Helen Jennings, Rob Laing, Benjamin Lebrave and Nana Ocran
Wings presents the ultimate Big Apple itinerary: galleries, food, festivals, films and… more food.
Excerpts from Wings’ features and interviews with the great and good 1 Global Laureate Woye Soyinka Nobel Prize winner Woye Soyinka has played an enormous ...
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Art Of The City

The creativity bursting out of Arik’s city destinations is well worth investigating – Wings travels the underground to bring you the inside track on the best art galleries, exhibitions, photography and culture on show. Words Nana Ocran

NY-LON Style On Show

Don’t miss these style exhibitions in New York and London this spring. Words Helen Jennings

Meat-Free In Manhattan

Eating vegan and vegetarian in New York has never been easier, or tastier… Here’s our pick of the best spots to try for yourself. Words & Photography Eleanor Jane
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Fashion statements are easy to make, but three exciting West African initiatives are making a real difference – with ethical collections that are styled with soul… Words Larissa Clark
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These photos from northern Ghana could be from any rural area of sub-Saharan Africa… where every day, women walk great distances to water sources in order to transport their precious cargo back to their villages. Photographer Victor Politis presents a series of shots documenting their journey. Photography Victor Politis
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