For many of today’s ambitious and clued-up travellers, package tours and predictable holidays by the pool no longer appeal. Having the same experience as everyone else is so ‘last Millennium’ – so if you fancy a trip with a difference, let Wings be your guide. Settle back in your seat and be transported to our selection of the most intriguing niche retreats and unusual, adventurous and fulfilling holiday experiences to enjoy at Arik destinations. Words Rob Laing
Wings puts its ears to the ground in five cities with very different sounds and unique musical cultures, to bring you a cut-out-and-keep guide to where to go to hear great music in London, New York, Lagos, Johannesburg and Accra. Words Rocky Casale, Helen Jennings, Rob Laing, Benjamin Lebrave and Nana Ocran
Wings presents the ultimate Big Apple itinerary: galleries, food, festivals, films and… more food.
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London Al Fresco

London summers are when the city’s restaurants, bars and chefs take their work outside. Check out some of the capital’s wildly popular summer culinary offerings. Words Rocky Casale


Big Fish Little Fish When June to July 2016 Where Cities across the UK What do you do when you’re a party animal at heart, but ...

Tackle Travel Tensions

Travel is supposed to be fun, but many people find certain aspects at best distracting and at worst, headache inducing – from planning a trip to enjoying the ride. Fortunately, there are easy ways to tackle your travel tensions… So sit back, relax and enjoy our stress-free guide. Words Emma E Forrest
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Empty beaches, bright blue plantain-eating birds and mangrove-lined rivers bursting with life — a former 1970s tourist haven In Southern Senegal comes to life again… Words Stephen Marche
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These photos from northern Ghana could be from any rural area of sub-Saharan Africa… where every day, women walk great distances to water sources in order to transport their precious cargo back to their villages. Photographer Victor Politis presents a series of shots documenting their journey. Photography Victor Politis
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