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Reel time

From cinema franchises to cultural centres, Wings charts the fabulous film festivals and unconventional venues making their mark, from Abuja to Johannesburg. Words Nana Ocran

Democratic Republic of Congo

Heart of Lightness Emerging from years of turmoil, get the low-down on the cultural mega-city at the centre of the continent, and the adventures that lie beyond… Words Stuart Butler

Original Beauty

Looking for alternative ways to restore body and mind? Here’s our pick of original and unusual spa journeys in two of the best cities in the world – New York and London. Words Emma Forrest
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Green Gambia

In the face of global environmental challenges, grass roots environmental entrepreneurs in The Gambia are working hard to plant the seeds of change at the local level. Wings discovers the inspiring initiatives that are taking root. Words Edward Shepherd - Photography Gregor O'Gorman

Good Migrations

Arik Air passengers on journeys of a lifetime. This issue: Tiwa Savage

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

When 21 February–26 May Where London Whaam! Kapow! Pop! Pop art, that is, in the most comprehensive exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein’s work ever displayed. This retrospective, the first major one in 20 years, is coming to London thanks to cooperation between The Art Institute of Chicago and the Tate Modern, where it’s being held. Lichtenstein’s hand-painted work, inspired by industrial printing processes, examines ideas of representation and originality in mass media; Concepts which ...


Electronic eating, guilt-free gari, and real chef’s chow — some foodie morsels to sate your stomach. Words Alexander Ponsonby

New Wave

Cameroonian textiles, baroque–style Tees, baubles, beading and Bags for Africa – Wings’ top 10 new fashion stars are here to dress you. Words Enyinne Owunwanne

Edible Identities

Brooklyn-based filmmaker and video artist Zina Saro-Wiwa has a long-held passion for cooking that has manifested in her creation of the New West African Kitchen project — a pop-up annual feast that serves as a wonderfully experimental outlet for remixed West African recipes. Here, heritage and identity are explored through palm wine and egusi devilled eggs... Words Nana Ocran - Photography Whitney Browne

Big Shot

A snapshot from an Arik destination and the story behind it. Words Nana Ocran
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