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My Prerogative

Peculiar London customs and the historical stories behind them. Words Adam Jacot de Boinod


What‘s on & when at Arik Air destinations

Table Trends

New York is full of fabulous food spots where stand alone gastronomic hits can become superstars with sensational followings. Words Rocky Casale
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Fashion Forward

Creative collaborations, new boutiques, and emerging style stars – 2015 is shaping up to be the most innovative year to date for African fashion industries. Words Helen Jennings

Alternative Energy

From belly-firming bhangra dancing to life-affirming circus training ­– look beyond the hotel gym. You’ll find all kinds of wacky workouts at Arik’s international destinations. Words Emma Forrest

Holiday Hijinks

Wings checks out some products, gadgets, places and experiences to make your travels more fun, for a range of budgets. Words Owen Bailey

Culture List

African animation, a memorial bus for Ken Saro-Wiwa, and new music by Nneka and Samba Touré – cultural happenings from March to May and beyond. Words Nana Ocran

Alternative Adventures

Game safaris and Marrakech markets... Africa-savvy explorers have been there and done that. Travellers want to explore more ‘real’ sides of Africa, and these alternative tour companies are taking them there. Words Emma Forrest

Spirit of the Seaside

A journey along The Gambia’s coastline reveals sacred forests bursting with baobob trees, and sacred spots that hold ancient mystical meaning to local communities. Words & Photography Jason Florio & helen jones-florio

Africa’s Future Cities

With the rise of million-dollar tech parks and hub spaces of all sizes throughout the continent, countries including Ghana, Nigeria and DRC are rethinking the landscapes of Africa. ‘Mixed use’, predominantly urban-located centres, with residential, commercial and high-tech groundwork underpin the use of ambitiously designed city spaces. Words Nana Ocran
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