Cape Coast

Big Shot
A snapshot from an Arik destination and the story behind it.


This is a photograph of a fishing village located in Cape Coast, Ghana. It was back in 2004 and I was positioned along the roadside, looking over the village waiting to be served fried plantain and roast yam. The sounds and smells were a mixture of cool sea air, fried food, reggae, hi-life music, lots of laughter, and people discussing all kinds of topics in their language.
I took the shot in the early evening, as the light was beginning to fade. I was pleased with the outcome and now I’m further enchanted upon revisiting the image after so many years. I achieved this particular tone through a combination of blending the original image with a desaturated layer copy, and enriching the textures in the picture to resemble a high-definition quality masterpiece.

Beyond the frame, there was the sea, the main provider for the rest of the city, which extended even further, with buildings and shops going on
for quite a distance.”

Nana Ocran

Name: Kofi Allen
Started taking photos: 1985. I’m mostly self-taught but studied at City & Guilds.
Who are your icons?: Gordon Parks, Seydou Keita, Irving Penn, Esher, Salvador Dali, Ellen von Unwerth, Koto Bolofo, and Man Ray.
Any tips?: Acquire a film SLR camera and explore the principal skills required to appreciate frame, lighting and creative commitment.

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