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Taste Of Paradise

For some, Sierra Leone’s reputation as a tourist destination is still shadowed by the distant spectre of the civil war – even after, over a decade of democracy. Yet it is one of the most fascinating, naturally bountiful and safest countries in West Africa, with breathtaking beaches, rich natural resources and a vibrant culture. Travel writer Stephanie Ross takes us on a trip round the country to discover the laid-back pleasures of Freetown, animal sanctuaries, an exciting new fashion venture and hospitality, Sierra Leone-style…

Great Explorations

To celebrate Arik Air’s 10th anniversary, Wings shines a light on the most exciting reasons to visit and explore each of its destination countries right now. From places to people, there are gems to be found throughout our route network.

Niche Retreats

For many of today’s ambitious and clued-up travellers, package tours and predictable holidays by the pool no longer appeal. Having the same experience as everyone else is so ‘last Millennium’ – so if you fancy a trip with a difference, let Wings be your guide. Settle back in your seat and be transported to our selection of the most intriguing niche retreats and unusual, adventurous and fulfilling holiday experiences to enjoy at Arik destinations. Words Rob Laing
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Sound Cities

Wings puts its ears to the ground in five cities with very different sounds and unique musical cultures, to bring you a cut-out-and-keep guide to where to go to hear great music in London, New York, Lagos, Johannesburg and Accra. Words Rocky Casale, Helen Jennings, Rob Laing, Benjamin Lebrave and Nana Ocran

10 Best things to do in New York

Wings presents the ultimate Big Apple itinerary: galleries, food, festivals, films and… more food.

10 Inspirational People

Excerpts from Wings’ features and interviews with the great and good 1 Global Laureate Woye Soyinka Nobel Prize winner Woye Soyinka has played an enormous role in the cultural and political tapestry of Nigeria and – through his eloquent prose – the rest of the world. He spoke to Wings for our first issue in 2009, and gave his thoughts on the country… What has been the greatest single improvement in the country since the 1960s 
and 70s? “I haven’t seen improvements in terms ...

Where two worlds collide

South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is an eclectic mix of places — a tame but somehow still wild part of Africa. The innately curious are drawn here, as are adventure addicts, serenity seekers, luxury lovers and travellers with young children. Words Narina Exelby Photography Mark Eveleigh

D’accord, Dakar!

Marche madness, medina strolls and cocktails along the corniche — Sharon Stallworth Nossiter on the perfect way to spend 36 Hours in Dakar. Words Sharon Stallworth Nossiter Photography New York Times Syndicate / News Service

Cool Quarters

London is one of the world’s most dynamic cities, renowned for its ability to adapt and evolve to changing tastes, where today’s run-down neighbourhood is tomorrow’s centre of cool. Wings takes a closer look at three areas in the capital where the transformation is already well underway Words Rocky Casale, Photography Jonathan Perugia

Beyond The Bling

Oud-scented historic walkways, abra rides on Dubai creek, backstreet bars and bargain eats – there’s more to Dubai than skyscrapers. Gabriela Maj offers an insider’s look at the history, attractions and at what’s happening around town in the coming months. Words Gabriela Maj Photography Gabriela Maj & Definitely Dubai
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