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Taste Of Paradise

For some, Sierra Leone’s reputation as a tourist destination is still shadowed by the distant spectre of the civil war – even after, over a decade of democracy. Yet it is one of the most fascinating, naturally bountiful and safest countries in West Africa, with breathtaking beaches, rich natural resources and a vibrant culture. Travel writer Stephanie Ross takes us on a trip round the country to discover the laid-back pleasures of Freetown, animal sanctuaries, an exciting new fashion venture and hospitality, Sierra Leone-style…

New York’s New Horizons

NYC is experiencing an architectural renaissance as stunning buildings by star architects such as Zaha Hadid and Bjarke Ingels are taking shape across the city, creating new icons for the world’s most iconic skyline.

Small But Mighty

Increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have been springing up across West Africa, coming up with innovative ways to solve problems and adapt to changes. Joan Bardeletti documents enterprises in Benin, Nigeria and Senegal.
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Great Explorations

To celebrate Arik Air’s 10th anniversary, Wings shines a light on the most exciting reasons to visit and explore each of its destination countries right now. From places to people, there are gems to be found throughout our route network.

Hive Minds

She Leads Africa has become a savvy, female-focused, entrepreneurial movement, with long-term plans for the future of large-scale business in and beyond the continent. Words Nana Ocran “Role models can be quite distant and removed from reality, so we choose to gain our inspiration from the incredible young women that we serve every day.” This is a response from Afua Osei, one half of the entrepreneurially savvy duo behind She Leads Africa (SLA), a pan-African diaspora community with ...

Punching Power

Hillbrow is inner-city Johannesburg’s most notorious neighbourhood. Set against the backdrop of poverty and crime is George Khosi’s boxing gym, one man’s attempt to bring discipline and aspiration to the youth of his neighbourhood.

Casamance Resurgence

Empty beaches, bright blue plantain-eating birds and mangrove-lined rivers bursting with life — a former 1970s tourist haven In Southern Senegal comes to life again… Words Stephen Marche

Let Your Mind Wander

A university degree can help fast-track you on your chosen career path – and new, more flexible ways of learning have opened up new opportunities to study at universities around the world. With so many options on the table in the global market, Wings asks the experts for some useful tips on how to work out which course will be best for you. Words Ryan Borroff

A Fairer Fizz

By using the real kola nut in its award-winning cola drink, Karma Cola is putting the fizz back into farming communities in Sierra Leone. Words Larissa Clark

Fashion Cities Africa

Helen Jennings discusses her experience of working on the first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion.
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