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Taste Of Paradise

For some, Sierra Leone’s reputation as a tourist destination is still shadowed by the distant spectre of the civil war – even after, over a decade of democracy. Yet it is one of the most fascinating, naturally bountiful and safest countries in West Africa, with breathtaking beaches, rich natural resources and a vibrant culture. Travel writer Stephanie Ross takes us on a trip round the country to discover the laid-back pleasures of Freetown, animal sanctuaries, an exciting new fashion venture and hospitality, Sierra Leone-style…

Casamance Resurgence

Empty beaches, bright blue plantain-eating birds and mangrove-lined rivers bursting with life — a former 1970s tourist haven In Southern Senegal comes to life again… Words Stephen Marche

Sets And The City

Hit the streets on a guided TV or movie tour for an alternative way to explore a city… Words Emma E Forrest
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The Beautiful South

New York’s South Street Seaport is a landmark of the city’s early maritime industry. After decades of neglect, the old piers and brick buildings have become attractive real estate for developers, and one of Lower Manhattan’s largest urban renewal projects. But not everyone is pleased with how this metropolitan waterfront acreage will take shape… Words Rocky Casale

Sound Cities

Wings puts its ears to the ground in five cities with very different sounds and unique musical cultures, to bring you a cut-out-and-keep guide to where to go to hear great music in London, New York, Lagos, Johannesburg and Accra. Words Rocky Casale, Helen Jennings, Rob Laing, Benjamin Lebrave and Nana Ocran

Where two worlds collide

South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is an eclectic mix of places — a tame but somehow still wild part of Africa. The innately curious are drawn here, as are adventure addicts, serenity seekers, luxury lovers and travellers with young children. Words Narina Exelby Photography Mark Eveleigh

Wild Adventure

Situated between Monrovia and Freetown, Sierra Leone’s wildlife packed Tiwai Island is a little known coastal paradise that’s well off the beaten track and a richly rewarding experience for those who brave the roads to get there. Words and Photography Larissa Clark

Cultural Preservers

Belinda Otas meets the pioneering individuals who are devoting their work to preserving Nigeria’s heritage and historical landmarks. Words Belinda Otas

Africa’s Future Cities

With the rise of million-dollar tech parks and hub spaces of all sizes throughout the continent, countries including Ghana, Nigeria and DRC are rethinking the landscapes of Africa. ‘Mixed use’, predominantly urban-located centres, with residential, commercial and high-tech groundwork underpin the use of ambitiously designed city spaces. Words Nana Ocran

Spirit of the Seaside

A journey along The Gambia’s coastline reveals sacred forests bursting with baobob trees, and sacred spots that hold ancient mystical meaning to local communities. Words & Photography Jason Florio & helen jones-florio
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