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Route Word

Hundreds of dialects and local languages are spoken at Arik Air destinations. Ring in the airline’s tenth anniversary with obscure new words, for your travels.

Traveller’s Checks

Stories of air travel aren’t always grounded in reality. Travel writer Pelu Awofeso leaves his perceptions behind at Passport Control. Words Pelu Awofeso

Lingo Bingo

Fascinating new words from dialects, at a handful of Arik Air destinations. Words Adam Jacot de Boinod
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The Life Of Meaning

The wonders of language are revealed in this diverse selection of unique definitions. Words Adam Jacot de Boinod

Travel Positive

Wings asked acclaimed author and psychologist Dr Alice Boyes for her opinion on some of the positive benefits of travel, and how to minimise anxiety when we arrive at our destinations.

Word Up

Travel in West and South Africa to pick up some choice words from local languages Words Adam Jacot de Boinod Adam Jacot de Boinod worked as a researcher in London for Stephen Fry on the BBC programme, QI. He is also the author of The Meaning Of Tingo And Other Extraordinary Words From Around The World, published by Penguin Books, and Creator of the iPhone App Tingo, a quiz on interesting words. He presents us with some of his cultural and linguistic observations on the continent of ...

Off Track

Reasons to be an offbeat traveller Words Emma Woodhouse

My Prerogative

Peculiar London customs and the historical stories behind them. Words Adam Jacot de Boinod

Plane Truth

12 little lies we tell ourselves before embarking on a trip. Words Emma Woodhouse

For The Win

A satirical guide for Nigerian fans in the event of a superlative Super Eagles performance. Words Tolu Ogunlesi
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