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Lagos-based travel company TripZapp is establishing itself as a first 
port-of-call for Nigerian travellers, providing a range of curated monthly trips to explore the best that the country – and beyond- has to offer, and tapping into a growing demand for domestic exploration. Wings packs its sunglasses and hits the trails with company founder, Rosemary Okoli.

Words Rosemary Okoli and Wings

The rise of internet-based booking and DIY travel may have opened up the world to today’s device-laden globetrotters, but nowadays, each trip you take, no matter how straightforward, seems to come complete with a mountain of admin that can sometimes feel like a full-time job to sort out. Lagos travel consultancy and agency TripZapp’s services aim to sidestep the admin fatigue by covering everything for the Nigerian traveller – even down to some smart-looking bespoke travel fashion. The company’s all-inclusive curated travel trips will take care of all the details, leaving customers to pick a spot on the map, pack their bags and get ready to go.

With a company philosophy centred around the idea that “travel is more than just getting on a plane or bus or train and going somewhere; more the moments and experiences that connect you to each new place”, TripZapp has been steadily expanding its offerings and offers monthly group tours, each taking around 12 people. And though (judging by their blog) their consultants can obviously chill with the best of them, many of the trips are energetic and emphasise the exercise – by combining nature, history and fitness, through trekking, hiking, swimming or whatever suits your level of relaxation.

TripZapp also emphasises that its team of well-travelled consultants will take care of planning and organising trip details, resulting in stress-free international and local travel experiences for locals and visitors to Nigeria alike. Wings asked founder Rosemary Okoli to tell us more about the TripZapp range of offerings, which we show over the following pages. For further info about TripZapp’s services and to book or design your own trip, visit the company online at


Great Escape

Trip: Warm Springs R&R
Take a break and head up to the serene lush green of the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort in Western Nigeria’s Ekiti State. Enjoy the laid-back pace, soak your feet in the cold and warm springs of Ikogosi and discover the breathtaking Arinta Waterfalls on this two-day trip to Ekiti State that’s all the getaway you’ll need to feel refreshed for the work week.

TripZapp says: “Take a nice Saturday morning drive to the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. The air is fresh, the birds are chirping, the trees are lush and oh so green and everything has a calm, quiet and peaceful feel in this country-style resort. A serene late-afternoon walk through a rustic wooden walkway flanked by trees on either side to visit the warm and cold springs will have you forgetting your worries in no time. Soak your feet in the mysterious Ikogosi Warm Springs, where cold and warm streams flow naturally side by side. No kidding. You take one step… it’s warm, the next… it’s cold. It’s quite a sensation.

“A nice hot bowl of finger-licking delicious catfish peppersoup and a cold beer by the pool is the perfect way to wind down for the evening. Take a swim or enjoy the cool breeze of the starry evening sky — stars don’t shine this bright in the cities.

“A visit to Arinta Waterfalls before your drive back will leave you refreshed. A short hike through the forested hilly area will bring you to the breathtaking view of water cascading down from what looks like a hole in the rocks surrounded by trees and creepers. The memory of this view will have a calming effect long after you’re gone.”

Don’t forget your… Swimming gear
Trip highlight… Going back to work with your mind rejuvenated by the memory of warm and cold springs
Further info: Two-day group trip to Warm Springs Resort in Ekitiki State and Arinta Waterfalls


Life’s A Beach

Trip: Bohemian Beach Getaway
Escape underneath the palm trees and take a dip in the cool waters of the Lagos beaches. Make it a romantic getaway with your partner, waking up to the sound and view of the ocean, or have a fun day out with friends.

TripZapp says: “Sand, sun, ocean, coconuts and sunglasses! We’ll bring the Maldives to you. Fancy a lazy day or a night partying at the beach? You’re going to love our beach getaways. A trip to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Tarkwa Bay or PoP Beach Club, all in Lagos, is just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for a getaway with ‘bae’, or a fun time with friends, it’s all sunshine and good vibes.

“Take a walk on the beach; kayak in a calm picturesque lake; learn to surf; take a dip in the ocean or swim in the pools; horseback ride on the ocean front; have a bonfire and barbecue, or jam to some reggae music and forget all your worries. We’ll have you feeling like you’re far off in the Caribbean in no time.”

Don’t forget your… Beachwear, sunglasses and sunscreen
Trip highlight… Relaxing under palm trees, watching the crashing of the waves with your rum-infused coconut water in hand
Further info: One-day trip to a sunny Lagos beach resort


Cave Crusader

Trip: Adventure In The Cave
Venture into the dark tunnels and impressive earth formation of the Ogbunike Cave in Eastern Nigeria’s Anambra State. Experience an adrenaline rush and conquer your fear of the dark, bats and tight spaces on this remarkable and exhilarating adventurer’s expedition.

TripZapp says: “This trip is not for the fainthearted. The earth formation of the Ogbunike Caves in Anambra State is an adventurer’s playground. Grab a flashlight and get into Dora The Explorer or Indiana Jones mode. Crawl through small, dark tunnels to explore the impressive interior of the cave – the home of the bats. Yes, bats. They don’t call it a ‘bat cave’ for no reason! Don’t freak out, they don’t bite. Enjoy the adventure and cool off at the very quaint Ogba River. This trip is definitely worthy of any bucketlist.”

Don’t forget your… Cape
Trip highlight… Encountering the bat colony in the dark cave
Further info: xx-day trip to the Ogbunie Cave in Anabra State


Rock Solid

Trip: Into The Rocks
Burn a few calories on this day trip to the Olumo Rocks in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State. Hike to the top of the 137-metre rock formation to soak in the impressive view of the city below.

TripZapp says: “Why just go for a jog or hit the gym, when you can burn some calories while exploring somewhere new? This day trip to Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State is recommended for fitness lovers. A 90-minute drive from Lagos brings you to the base of the rocks, which served as a refuge for the Egba people during the inter-tribal wars. Start with the tour of the art gallery and be amazed by the interesting local art works.

“Next, climb irregular-sized rocks and stairs etched in the rocks and pass through a narrow corridor between the edge of two rocks to the highest point, 137 metres from the base. The view of Abeokuta from the top is a sea of corrugated roofs against a backdrop of green vegetation and clear skies in the horizon. It is amazing and absolutely worth the hike!”

Don’t forget your… Selfie stick
Trip highlight… Great exercise with an incredible view Further info: One-day trip to Olumu Rocks in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Air-conditioned bus and lunch.


Take Me To The Bridge

Trip: Lekki Conservation Centre Tour
View the beauty of nature from above treetops on a 22.5-feet-high suspended metal bridge known to be the longest canopy walk in Africa. Spot monkeys, peacocks and other interesting animals in Lagos State’s nature reserve on this amazing day tour.

TripZapp says: “Immerse yourself in the beauties of nature on this day trip to the nature reserve at the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. Keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife around you as you take a calming walk through woods. And then it gets interesting…

“Conquer your fear of heights and take a thrilling walk above the treetops on the longest canopy-bridge walk in Africa. The panoramic view from up there is so spectacular, you’ll forget you are 22.5 feet above ground on a suspended swaying metal bridge. Not sold yet? There’s a picnic afterwards.”

Don’t forget your… Binoculars
Trip highlight… Walking along a bridge above the treetops Further info: One-day tour to Lekki Conservation Centre nature reserve and walk along canopy bridge


Art & Soul

Trip: Chasing Waterfalls
A varied two-day adventure to Osun State. Explore the art and mysteries of the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Groves in Osogbo, learn the art of batik dying and hike up the green hills of Erin Ijesha to view the incredible seven levels of cascading waters at the Olumirin waterfalls.

TripZapp says: “This is an explorer’s trip. Art and nature lovers are bound to love it – there’s a lot to see on this two-day trip exploring Osun State. Discover the mysteries of the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Groves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Osogbo. The intricate art works in the Groves, from sculptures to architectural embellishments, are a haven for art lovers. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll visit Suzanne Wenger’s house, an artform in itself, and the Nike Art Gallery, where you can appreciate and purchase the traditional art of Osogbo. Show off the Picasso in you at the batik workshop, where you will learn the art of batik dying and make your own batik fabric to take home.

“Wondering where the waterfalls comes in? We saved the best for last. The second day of the tour takes you to Olumirin Waterfalls in Erin Ijesha. It’s like something out of the Avatar movie. Mountains of different hues of green as you approach, butterflies floating gaily about, thickets of lush green trees, large rocks covered with green moss, and then the waterfalls… Not just one but seven levels of waterfalls. It is quite a hike, but each level is an awe-inspiring sight.

So dress to get wet in the cool rush of falling water and find out what level your strength takes you to.”

Don’t forget your… Camera and walking boots
Trip highlight… Basking in the spray of the Ulumirin Waterfalls
Further info: Two-day trip to Osun State taking in Oson-Osogbo Sacred Groves, Suzanne Wenger’s house, the Nike Art Gallery and the Olumirin waterfalls. 12 people per trip

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