Good Migrations – 12

2Face Idibia is one of Nigeria’s biggest musical exports, with five albums under his belt including the hit song, African Queen. He tells Wings about his nigerian retreat and the journey that defined his career.

Interview Belinda Otas

My first trip to the MTV Europe Awards changed my life. It was the most important journey in my musical career. They did a pre-award concert and people from all parts of the world were there. I was totally surprised that the crowd were all singing along to my song. I thought, ‘Okay, this is interesting.’ And then the next day I got the award for Best African Act. The experience changed my perspective and motivated me to take a big leap forward.

Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River is great. It’s my favourite Nigerian destination. I travel so much and my life is busy. Obudu is the place in Nigeria where I feel serene.

What makes me excited about returning to Nigeria after travelling? My people, without a doubt. They are the best thing about Nigeria.

I encourage young Africans to travel more within the continent. We need to get to know each other better. In one of my songs I talk about being able to travel to South Africa without a visa. I wi sh I could travel the whole of Africa without a visa.

I want to be one of the greatest in Africa. I am going to keep producing good music and continue to travel and create.

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