Magic Numbers

Managing Just Fine

How to take control of life, work and play

Cope with a setback

“If you have a negative thought, sing it to yourself. It makes it sound funny and loses its emotional impact.” London’s City Psychology Group

Speak to a crowd

Focus on one person in a large group as if it is just the two of you in a coffee shop together. If somebody asks a question, shift the focus to them.

Reach a Deadline

Break up overwhelmingly large tasks in to smaller, achievable tasks that can be done within a day. Start to plan the breakdown of tasks long before it is due. Before you know it, the job will be done without the need to pull an all-nighter.

Delegate something you are passionate about

Until you are ready to let go of a project that you consider to be your baby, take it step-by-step. Use phrases like “let me know how you get on” until you are ready to say “No need to check with me, you decide.”
MTD Management Training

Life is Tweet

Managing in 140 characters or less

Use your fears to create a list for success. You’re identifying the tools, information, skills, and support that you don’t have so you can go and source them @lifehacker

Don’t expect your partner to know what you want them to do, they can’t read your mind. If you want it, say it @Relationship 101

Things don’t just happen. You create them with continuous focus & effort. What’s your focus today? This Week? What will you make happen? @TonyRobbins

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