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Choose Your Own Adventure

Lagos-based travel company TripZapp is establishing itself as a first 
port-of-call for Nigerian travellers, providing a range of curated monthly trips to explore the best that the country - and beyond- has to offer, and tapping into a growing demand for domestic exploration. Wings packs its sunglasses and hits the trails with company founder, Rosemary Okoli.

A River Runs Through It

Inspired by the journals of Gaspard Mollien, an obscure French explorer who ventured to the source of the River Gambia in 1818, husband and wife team, Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio attempt the first recorded source-to-sea journey since. Wings follows their 1044km route along one of Africa's last major free-flowing rivers. Photography Jason Florio Words Jason Florio with Helen Jones-Florio

Nomad’s Land

Wings meets six obsessive adventurers who have made a lifestyle of traversing Africa, each on a mission to discover it for themselves Words Belinda Otas
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Ultimate Adventures

From going wild in Cameroon to dancing in Dakar, make 2013 a year to remember… Here’s our selection of some amazing activities to entertain and enrich you, or just to set your pulse racing — all within striking distance of Arik destinations. Words Owen Bailey