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African animation, a memorial bus for Ken Saro-Wiwa, and new music by Nneka and Samba Touré – cultural happenings from March to May and beyond.

Meet the Affogbolos

In the lead up to Afro-Polis, a 6-day experiential exhibition taking place in London this October, founder Pierre-Christophe Gam introduces us to its muses, Kolade and Remi Affogbolo.

Art and Soul

From Lagos to London, Johannesburg to New York, Dakar to Dubai, contemporary African art has garnered a new wave of interest from art enthusiasts, buyers and collectors on both sides of the Atlantic. With it comes a glaring spotlight on the touchy subject of ownership
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Interview: Sandra Obiago

Imagination Industries The power of the creative sector to lift economies, boost morale and promote tourism has proven phenomenal all over the world. Sandra Obiago, the Lagos-based powerhouse behind a wealth of initiatives is on a mission to draw on Nigeria's cultural gold mine . WORDS Diane Lemieux • PORTRAIT Adolphus Opara Seated in a comfortable armchair in her living room, development activist, documentary filmmaker and art collector, Sandra Obiago doesn’t have time to sip her ...