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Abuja’s Art Awakening

Arguably eclipsed by the chaotic cultural hub that is Lagos, Nigeria’s capital is discovering its artistic side as young creatives move in and build a scene around pop-up shows, hidden gardens and cultural cafes. Words Clementine Wallop

In The Frame

When autumn hits New York, the city’s museums and galleries brim with new exhibitions, international talent and the art aficionados that flock here to enjoy it all. Get a head start on the action. Words Rocky Casale

Imagining Africa

Launches at the forefront of contemporary African design, plus new albums and resources for urban explorers – cultural happenings from June to August and beyond. Words Nana Ocran
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Culture List

African animation, a memorial bus for Ken Saro-Wiwa, and new music by Nneka and Samba Touré – cultural happenings from March to May and beyond. Words Nana Ocran

Meet the Affogbolos

In the lead up to Afro-Polis, a 6-day experiential exhibition taking place in London this October, founder Pierre-Christophe Gam introduces us to its muses, Kolade and Remi Affogbolo.

Art and Soul

From Lagos to London, Johannesburg to New York, Dakar to Dubai, contemporary African art has garnered a new wave of interest from art enthusiasts, buyers and collectors on both sides of the Atlantic. With it comes a glaring spotlight on the touchy subject of ownership. Words Belinda Otas

Interview: Sandra Obiago

Imagination Industries The power of the creative sector to lift economies, boost morale and promote tourism has proven phenomenal all over the world. Sandra Obiago, the Lagos-based powerhouse behind a wealth of initiatives is on a mission to draw on Nigeria's cultural gold mine . Words Diane Lemieux • Portrait Adolphus Opara