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True Romance

A new batch of romance novels were released through Nigeria’s well-known Cassava Republic publishing house last year. This marked a distinct spike in a steady, but growing trend towards love stories by writers throughout the African diaspora, and redefining notions of romance. Words Nana Ocran

Imagining Africa

Launches at the forefront of contemporary African design, plus new albums and resources for urban explorers – cultural happenings from June to August and beyond. Words Nana Ocran

Armchair Traveller

Recent literary releases to transport the heart and mind through relationships, family, love, loss and countries: no plane ticket required. Words Belinda Otas
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Festivals Of Nigeria

Festivals Of Nigeria, a stunning coffee table book by Victor Politis, features ten festivals and ceremonies, photographed over five years. From the Opobo regatta in the South to Argungu in the North, the book reveals a nation unified in a desire to celebrate, whatever the challenges of everyday life. Interview Jahman Anikulapo • Photography Victor Politis

Tastemaker’s Taste of Summer

Native American RnB with a Ghanaian twist, Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum and black indie cinema - Culture vultures at Arik destinations run through the highlights of June through August. Words Nana Ocran