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10 Inspirational Ventures

Socially-conscious businesses bringing about positive change – from Nigeria's Flying Doctors to Street Champs footballers

I’m With The Brand

The retail space in West Africa is experiencing an influx of brands from countries with organised franchise sectors. How is this shaping the market and are local entrepreneurs getting a big enough slice of the pie? Words Nana Ocran

People Inc.

Tony Elumelu, one of Africa’s foremost business people and philanthropists, is also somewhat of a philosopher. He tells Wings the revolutionary effect his concept of Africapitalism can have on the continent, and why it's critical to Africa’s development. Words Belinda Otas
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Lay of the Land

Alliance For Agriculture, a new collective of International agribusiness specialists, is the first of its kind. It aims to turn West Africa’s fields of dreams into viable projects. Wings asks Victor Politis — Founder of PRI, a project development and financial advisory firm, “Why an Alliance and who stands to benefit?” Words Victor Politis

Africa Luxe

Burgeoning African economies are seeing a rise in aspirational consumers with spending power, causing international luxury brands to pay attention. But what impact will this new influx of high-end labels have on the homegrown luxury market? Words Belinda Otas

Agents of Change

Some people look at the world around them and have a vision of how things can be better. Change agents are individuals who take their ideals and turn them into concrete projects, influencing others and transforming lives. Diane Lemieux asks five inspirational businesspeople what motivates them to make a difference. Photography Adolphus Opara

The Road To Financing

The key to success for any project is to visualise the destination and work backwards. Before getting on the road, prepare for potential risks.