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Art Of The City

The creativity bursting out of Arik’s city destinations is well worth investigating – Wings travels the underground to bring you the inside track on the best art galleries, exhibitions, photography and culture on show. Words Nana Ocran

African Imprints

Magic realism, modern and retro pan-African photography, an exhibition tome, plus a book and web project — cultural publications from December to February and beyond Words Nana Ocran

True Romance

A new batch of romance novels were released through Nigeria’s well-known Cassava Republic publishing house last year. This marked a distinct spike in a steady, but growing trend towards love stories by writers throughout the African diaspora, and redefining notions of romance. Words Nana Ocran
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Curating the Continent

An annual pan-African festival in London, online platforms for poetry and visual politics, plus musical sounds from Dakar to Mauritania – cultural events from September to November, and beyond. Words Nana Ocran

Home Grown

Gidi Culture Festival 2015 attracted musical talent from across Africa to Lagos for the ultimate beach party. But there’s more to this burgeoning event than having a good time. Words Helen Jennings

Culture List

Kids and their toys, Afrikan Boy’s long anticipated album and a season of African film – cultural highlights from September to November and beyond... Words Nana Ocran

Culture List

Pop-up events, galleries galore and a Q&A with Nicole Amarteifo, creator of An African City — art and soul from June to August and beyond… Words Nana Ocran

Space Invaders

Afrofuturism, a cultural movement that has its roots in the USA in the 1950s, has made a considerable impact on global popular culture over the decades. Now African-based creatives are joining the conversation. Words Nana Ocran


West African market-style art at London’s Tate Modern, Director Andrew Dosunmu’s new film and summery songs from Nigeria’s latest leading ladies in music — epic entertainment from June to August, and beyond… Words Alexander Ponsonby

Interview: Sandra Obiago

Imagination Industries The power of the creative sector to lift economies, boost morale and promote tourism has proven phenomenal all over the world. Sandra Obiago, the Lagos-based powerhouse behind a wealth of initiatives is on a mission to draw on Nigeria's cultural gold mine . Words Diane Lemieux • Portrait Adolphus Opara
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