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Park Prescription

Research shows that people who connect to the natural environment are happier and healthier. Here’s how you can get your nature fix — even in the city.

Tackle Travel Tensions

Travel is supposed to be fun, but many people find certain aspects at best distracting and at worst, headache inducing – from planning a trip to enjoying the ride. Fortunately, there are easy ways to tackle your travel tensions… So sit back, relax and enjoy our stress-free guide. Words Emma E Forrest

Fit For Life

There’s more to keeping fit than going to the gym. Some activities can help keep your brain healthy too. Take up these activities at any age, and you could reduce your chances of physical illness and improve your mental health and well-being Words Emma Forrest
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Summer of Serenity

From ancient Hungarian massage overlooking London’s Hyde Park to lymph drainage inspired by an elephant’s footsteps — Summer 2015’s brand new spas and treatments offer optimal on-the-road renewal. Words Emma Forrest

Alternative Energy

From belly-firming bhangra dancing to life-affirming circus training ­– look beyond the hotel gym. You’ll find all kinds of wacky workouts at Arik’s international destinations. Words Emma Forrest

Mind Medicine

New discoveries about the healing power of the mind can combat the damaging effects of stress from personal pressure and excess work and travel. Words Caroline Shola Arewa

Easy Rider

Does doing your best feel like it comes with a price? Make 2014 your year to achieve success without stress. Words Caroline Shola Arewa

Digital Detox

Do you ever feel like you’re not really on holiday when your smartphone is within reach? You are not alone. Wings checks out the trend for low-tech breaks: the ultimate in luxury holidays. Words Emma Forrest

Original Beauty

Looking for alternative ways to restore body and mind? Here’s our pick of original and unusual spa journeys in two of the best cities in the world – New York and London. Words Emma Forrest

In Treatment

Worth over $250 billion, the spa industry is a booming international business. Elaine Okeke, founder of the Spa Association of Africa is setting out to put the continent’s diverse well being practices and natural materials at the forefront Words Nana Ocran
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