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10 Thoughts On The Future

Collected musings on Nigeria beyond the country’s Golden Jubilee and Africa’s future from Wings interviews

Cultural Preservers

Belinda Otas meets the pioneering individuals who are devoting their work to preserving Nigeria’s heritage and historical landmarks. Words Belinda Otas

Africa’s Future Cities

With the rise of million-dollar tech parks and hub spaces of all sizes throughout the continent, countries including Ghana, Nigeria and DRC are rethinking the landscapes of Africa. ‘Mixed use’, predominantly urban-located centres, with residential, commercial and high-tech groundwork underpin the use of ambitiously designed city spaces. Words Nana Ocran
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Naija’s Finest

Calabashes clashing in the Matan Fada river, bodies popping in Las Gidi clubs, and birds belting tunes in rainforest canopies — it's time to pack your bags! Life’s too short to not make it an adventure, so fill every month of 2014 with a little Nigerian magic. Words Paul Clammer Photography George Osodi

Past To Present

On October 1st 2013, Nigeria celebrates its 53rd year of Independence. Tolu Ogunlesi imagines the circumstances if this year were to mark the first. Words Tolu Ogunlesi

Wandering and Pondering

Nigeria to Z If you want to be au-fait with the national psyche, brush up on a new lexicon Words Tolu Ogunlesi AFMAGISTAN Africa’s 56th country, remote-controlled by Nigerian-born Generals Aki and Pawpaw. BOSS A boss is a boss. If he’s worthy of flattery, and he’s not a ‘Chairman’, then he’s a BOSS. (For women, see MUMMY) CABALLIONAIRE There are billionaires, and then there are Caballionaires, who not only have more money than most, but also owe far more. D’IRREGULATION The ...

Royal Visit

Photographer George Osodi is on a mission to record and preserve the legacy of Nigeria’s traditional rulers for generations to come… Photography George Osodi

The Young Ones

Can Nigerians teach young Westerners a thing or two about succeeding in the modern world? Words Emma Woodhouse

The Missing Piece

Vocational training is the backbone of industry, yet it's sorely lacking in many African countries. Wings looks at Nigeria as a prime example. In solving the puzzle of the nation's growth, is the missing piece the development of its greatest resource? Words Eric Stambler