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The Weight of Water

These photos from northern Ghana could be from any rural area of sub-Saharan Africa… where every day, women walk great distances to water sources in order to transport their precious cargo back to their villages. Photographer Victor Politis presents a series of shots documenting their journey. Photography Victor Politis      

Aperture on Africa

In 2012, photojournalist Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill started the Everyday Africa project on Instagram. The goal: to showcase daily life and counteract stereotypical media images. Everyday Africa has since become a continent-wide collective with over 150,000 followers. Peter DiCampo discusses the project’s meteoric rise and upcoming book It is, of course, very fitting that an initiative like Everyday Africa — dedicated to showing images of the familiar, the normal, even the ...

Sunu Street

Words Raquel Wilson Photography Siaka S. Traoré Dancers, like many artists, often find that having their work acknowledged as serious is a challenge. Those who choose to pursue the creative industry as a profession usually spend time explaining their love for dance to family and friends and convincing them of their merits. This lack of reverence for the art of movement is what prompted photographer Siaka S. Traoré to document the relationship between dancers and their environments. ...
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Altered Images

A new wave of young photographers are weaving a visual identity for South Africa, just by focusing their collective lens on the vibrant scenes they capture around them. Meet the next generation of South African image makers.

Africa In Focus

African photography has experienced a surge of interest in recent years. As London’s The Auction Rooms hosts The African Contemporary Photography Auction, Wings delights in the cream of the crop.

Culture List

The rise of Nigerian art, a coffee table tome of South African history, and the SONY World Photography Awards — things to inspire you from March to May, and beyond...

Newly Minted

As Nigeria’s burgeoning economy enjoys international media attention as a MINT country, photographer and businessman Victor Politis records the people behind the headlines.

Future Snapshot

Lagos Photo, Nigeria’s first and only festival of photography, has signed a partnership with World Press Photo. Does the collaboration signify an exciting new era for African photographers? Words Nana Ocran “We get a lot of agencies coming through Lagos looking for talent, but they don’t really believe that the quality exists here.” So states Azu Nwagbogu, Director of LagosPhoto. Now in its fourth year, Nigeria’s first and only annual festival of photography is steadily making an ...

Big Shot

A snapshot from an Arik destination and the story behind it. JOE CASELY-HAYFORD BY HASSAN HAJJAJ Words Nana Ocran This photo, of fashion designer Joe Casely-Hayford, is part of my Rockstars series. He’s wearing all of my designs except the shoes. They are his. I like having a Moroccan photographer shoot a Ghanaian in London using mats from Senegal. The tailor chose a fabric that’s used for making parasols. The pattern looks like 60s wallpaper. The hat and socks are Moroccan, and ...

Festivals Of Nigeria

Festivals Of Nigeria, a stunning coffee table book by Victor Politis, features ten festivals and ceremonies, photographed over five years. From the Opobo regatta in the South to Argungu in the North, the book reveals a nation unified in a desire to celebrate, whatever the challenges of everyday life. Interview Jahman Anikulapo • Photography Victor Politis FEAST OF LIFE In mid-2007, during a meeting in Lagos, businessman Victor Politis couldn’t help but look at a painting on the wall. It ...
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