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Life-changing gadgets, apps, tech and services to revolutionise everyday life and save you precious time.

Visionary Africa

From Nigeria's Veda laptops to the Democratic Republic of Congo's VMK smartphone and South Africa's FabLabs, a quiet revolution of innovators, designers, technologists and thinkers are exploring bold new frontiers. Words Nana Ocran

Future Perfect

Wings takes a look at the gadgets and tech that’ll be making our lives more fun and less hassle during 2013 – in our homes and on our travels Words Owen Bailey
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Ready & Cable

The new West African Cable System (WACS) and Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine broadband cables linking 19 West African countries with Europe are set to change the face of business and leisure for the region. Welcome to the new, faster, online West Africa. Words Edward Shepherd

Blue-Sky Business

Cloud computing is revolutionising business around the globe, says David Politis, founder and CEO of BetterCloud. How do African companies stand to benefit from staying ahead of the technological curve? Words David Politis

Digital Superstar

Technology to revolutionise your life - it's time to simplify.