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Tots On Tour

Families with young children need all the rest and recuperation they can get. Wings presents a selection of priceless tips and tricks to help families on the go make the most of their precious holiday time – including the most important tip you’ll ever hear on the subject.

West Africa United

Larissa Clark, a co-founder of Unite 4 West Africa, is working with partners across the region to dispel myths and travel fears for visitors to West Africa while supporting some inspiring grassroots efforts.

Beyond The Bling

Oud-scented historic walkways, abra rides on Dubai creek, backstreet bars and bargain eats – there’s more to Dubai than skyscrapers. Gabriela Maj offers an insider’s look at the history, attractions and at what’s happening around town in the coming months.
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West Side Story

West Africa offers breathtaking beaches, dense forests rich in bird-life, fabulous modern and traditional art, music and dance.


Lagos Photo When October 25–November 26 Where Lagos Launched in 2010, Nigeria's first festival of photography has never failed to impress with its roll call of game-changing photographers, workshops and events. The festival's popularity is testament to the diversity of people and stories coming from all over Africa, from dusty rural towns to the gleaming glass offices, noise and traffic of Lagos. The month-long festival programme is packed with events, from the exhibition itself to ...

Travel Trends

Wings’ guide to some of the trends that are set to have an impact — and the tools you can use to help you participate in them, too.

Journey to Africa

Since the recent release of Oscar-winning film Twelve Years a Slave, a growing number of African Europeans and African Americans are keen to visit historical sites including Ghana’s Elmina Castle and Badagry in Nigeria. Could a Hollywood movie about slavery boost West African tourism?

Lilliput London

Quintessentially eccentric street festivals, magical museums and sprawling green space combine to make England’s capital a dream destination for the youngest among us. Award-winning journalist and mother, Emma Forrest, offers an insider’s guide.

Liberia Rising

Liberia may not be your average tourist destination but visitors will be rewarded by witnessing a nation undergoing extraordinary transition. As the country kicks off the ‘decade of peace’ beginning 2014, Larissa Clark, Director of travel company Another World Adventures, gives us Seven Reasons To Love Liberia…

Naija’s Finest

Calabashes clashing in the Matan Fada river, bodies popping in Las Gidi clubs, and birds belting tunes in rainforest canopies — it's time to pack your bags! Life’s too short to not make it an adventure, so fill every month of 2014 with a little Nigerian magic.
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