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New twitter account for the media blog that’s not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama.

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• File under rhetoricals: Why is Hugo Chavez described as a “dictator” and a “strongman” in Western media? Wasn’t he democratically elected?
• Pippa Middleton was named in Time’s 100 most influential people in April. She works two days a weeks for her parents’ party supplies company.
• Nationalism is you getting upset when @TheEconomist says the same things about South Africa that you always complain about around the braai.


Offering a fresh perspective on Africa, a continent of hope and opportunity.

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• More than 70 African cities will have a population bigger than 1 mln by 2050 – sustainable urban infrastructure is key
• South Africa’s Standard Bank now makes $175 million of revenue a month from the rest of Africa  #AfricanIntegration
• Proportion of black South Africans with higher education has nearly doubled since 1996


That South African teenager who sometimes talks to a camera.

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• Facebook is just like my refrigerator. I check it every 10 minutes and yet there’s nothing new.
• You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.
• Let’s take a moment to be thankful that spiders don’t fly.



African news from the BBC

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• Should state subsidies be used to help South Africa’s young unemployed find work?
• Why are top leagues full of African talent still infected by racism?
• Today’s African Proverb “The fall of a dead leaf is a warning to the green ones” Sent by Alex Wewele, Delta State, Nigeria


The African story told not just from an African perspective; but also a criticism of Africa’s missteps from a tough African point of view.

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• It’s presidential debate season in Africa, grab some popcorn.
• The Ping Pong diplomacy of the African Union.
• West African regional bank launches new currency


Africa correspondent of The Guardian newspaper (UK)

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• Impressive talk by Sim Shagaya of DealDey on logistical challenges of operating in Nigeria. People want to pay cash because of trust issues.
• At Tech4Africa in Joburg. Speaker from Fraud Check refers to background checks on “your domestic or garden boy” to mainly white audience
• Madikizela-Mandela: One bullet fired under a democratic government when workers are asking for a piece of bread is difficult to justify.



Business Journo, Disciple, Wannabe Techie, Villager, Personal Views

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• My cameraman & I just had a pleasant chat with this lady called Bychance. She even joked about her unusual name
• What they don’t teach you in j-school is that this business is sometimes a ‘hurry up and wait’ affair. Oh well
• Apple announces the iPad 4G. Finally, a tablet worth buying. Until they unveil the 5th generation iPad next week


Info and analysis for Africa investors

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• Ghana’s economy may grow 9% this year due to increased oil output
• Vanguard’s index switch (from MSCI to FTSE) may boost South African stocks
• Africa’s best-performing stock markets this year: Nigeria +40%, Kenya +40%, Uganda +25%



I write and comment about the Africa travel industry.

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• #ThingsThatGetMeUpset – when people talk of how much love they have for the “nation” of Africa, #AsIf
• Is it really that hard/bad getting to Angola?
• Unless you are on a solo backpacking and overland trip, an African safari is not dangerous at all. But yes, it is great fun.


@WhyGo’s indie travel guide to Africa.

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• Think #hostels are all dorm rooms for college kids? Think again. Hostels have grown up, folks.
• Adventure Travel in Africa (It’s not just about safaris!)
• Why would you travel around the world? WHY NOT?


Magazine – wildlife, nature, conservation, people, travel, environment

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• What an amazing sighting! A pangolin mum carrying her baby on her back.
• Ever get that urge to sing ‘the lion sleeps tonight’ ?
• That awkward moment when a Blue Wildebeest decides to take on the rapier-shaped horns of a Gemsbok bull



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• I believe in this industry so much, I believe we can do it, I believe we have what it takes to make a difference, to be that change we need!
• Happy Independence Day Nigeria – So much hope… so much love… so much promise… The future starts now!!
• EDUCATION! This is KEY! A Nation filled with countless creative individuals with no avenue for capacity building and skills development.


We LOVE fashion, music, Nollywood, weddings and everything Fabulously African!

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• Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness
• Major thunder in Lagos this morning! Sango>Thor
• Nigerian Model Jane Ezeh launches Fashion Store, JOET in Lagos!


International pan African quarterly fashion/lifestyle magazine, giving a voice to creatives of African descent worldwide.

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• Nigeria poised to topple SA — and quite soon too
• We reckon we found our dream summer wardrobe with @ItuenBasi at @LFDW2012
• “I don’t care what month it is as my history lives on through me, my family, my children.” Tim Campbell


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