Warri is a predominantly Christian oil city in Delta State with a population that has increased rapidly since the worldwide oil boom in the 1960s. The city developed as a port during the late 1800s, when it became a centre for the palm oil trade and other major items such as rubber, cocoa, groundnuts, hides, and skins. Warri has a vibrant culture and kind people.

A good way to spend a weekend is a visit to Abraka Beach, 30 minutes away from Warri by car. The beach is famous for its natural flowing spring water, and recreational facilities including canoeing, golf, fishing,and swimming.

Warri’s main market is an incredible site to behold. Weave your way through colourful vendors touting fruit, vegetables, ankara textiles and more. Uvwie Modern Market is also worth a visit.

Most hotels have decent restaurants and there are a smattering of fast food joints and Nigerian eateries on Effurun Road.

Thanks to the number of oil companies operating in the area, there are a lot of hotels in the Effurun neighbourhood. Of the larger hotels, Hotel Excel (Refinery Road, Effurun, www.hotel-excel.com) is quite professional. A step down but equally comfortable is the Godatin Hotel Number 2, Ayoro Lane, Off Enerhen Road, www.godatinhotelslimited.com).

Wetin you dey talk? Try learning a few phrases in Pidgin, the common language of Warri. Warri pidgin is famous throughout Nigeria for being expressive and authentic. Its superstrate is English with influences from dialects like Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.

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